✅ Beets are high in Nitrates.

✅ Nitrates boost Nitric Oxide levels in the Body.

✅ Elevated Nitric Oxide levels result in Vasodilation – the relaxing and opening of blood vessels.

✅ Vasodilation results in greater Oxygen and Nutrient delivery to muscles and more efficient removal of metabolic waste products that cause fatigue.

✅ Beets (in sufficient quantities) = Greater Aerobic Endurance

“In a published study completed at the University of Exeter (UK), cyclists who drank Beet Juice increased time to exhaustion by a massive 16% and were able to complete the same work with 19% less oxygen.” *

There is no guilt in a product that is LEGAL, super good for your health, and as potent as some illegal PEDs! My test ride data shows 4% performance improvement on average and lower Perceived Rate of Exertion of 10%, so there is less suffering at the given output and that’s always good! At the Pro level, these numbers are HUGE!

Jeremiah Bishop
16X US National Team Member
Pan American Games Gold Medalist


This means that EVERY batch of Beet Extreme is tested for everything on the current WADA Banned List by, a leader in Banned Substance Testing. No matter what sport you are in, you can use Beet Extreme with full confidence that it will NOT trigger a positive drug test!

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improve athletic performance with organic beet juice powder supplement


Research indicates that ingesting daily doses of beet and kale juice that contain significant levels of nitrates, may result in a number of great performance and health benefits including:

Slower Rate of Fatigue*


Improved Body Alkalinity*


Reduced Inflammation*


Better Mitochondrial Efficiency*


Faster Recovery Times*


Reduced Cardiovascular Stress*


Improved Blood Iron Levels*


Improved Aerobic Endurance *


I tested Beet Extreme on three tough workouts and I got really great results. Two were indoor in a controlled environment with my power meter and HR monitor, and the other was on a famous hill ride in my area. When on Beet Extreme, my Heart Rate was on average 5-15 beats per minute lower throughout my testing. Even more amazing was how I performed on my indoor training. Before using Beet Extreme, I literally crapped out and was not able to even finish the workout. When I took Beet Extreme, not only did I finish the workout, but I was also able to add on a series of high-intensity anaerobic intervals as well. 

Stefano Profumo
Cat 1 Road Bike Racer
2015 CA State Champion – Masters 35-40


Boosting nitric oxide levels leads to vasodilation, the relaxing and opening of the blood vessels that increases blood flow to working muscles. Increased blood flow results in greater oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles and more efficient removal of metabolic waste products like lactic acid and ammonia.*

Boosting nitric oxide levels also increases the efficiency of energy production in your mitochondria, which are responsible for converting fats and sugars into ATP, the primary energy source for your muscles. This equates to your body being able to produce more energy with the same amount of oxygen intake!*



Beet Extreme contains only 5 simple ingredients: Organic Non-GMO Beet Juice Powder, Organic Non-GMO Kale Juice Powder, Super Cordyceps, Pomegranate Juice Extract, & Maltodextrin.


With Beet Extreme, there is no loading phase. Every time you take it, you will experience increased blood flow for up to 6 hours. If tested properly, you should know its working from the very first dose!


Beet Extreme is the best tasting beet product on the market HANDS DOWN! We guarantee you will love the smooth taste and actually look forward to drinking it every day!


Every batch of Beet Extreme is tested and certified to be free to any Banned Substances according to the World Anti-Doping Agency, so you can use Beet Extreme with confidence under any sports association!

I’ve raced with and performed my hardest workouts (5×5 minutes and 4×20 minutes) using Beet Extreme. The amazing news, Beet Extreme just plain works! In this past three week training block I’ve recorded my best ever 5 min intervals, and my 20 min intervals have improved by 4-5% (power based results.) Better, the last 20 minute interval is as powerful as the first, and they’re all negative splits to boot, another first. In all cases, my improved performances were achieved at the same heart rates, so no additional cardiovascular stress was required. 

Patrick Hampton
Cat 1 Masters Cyclist

best beet juice powder supplement

“The 1998 Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded for the discovery of the important role nitric oxide plays in the cardiovascular system.”

Beets and Kale are Mother Nature’s most effective nitric oxide boosters.