There has been a lot of research done that substantiates the performance benefits of beets that are high in nitrates. The reason I choose Beet Extreme is because:

1. It is Certified Drug Free™ (Certified Free of any WADA Banned Substances);

2. They use Certified Organic Beet and Kale powder with GUARANTEED high Nitrate levels; and

3. My test ride data shows 4% performance improvement on average and lower Perceived Rate of Exertion of 10%, so there is less suffering at the given output and thats always good! 

In addition, I love the reduced cardiovascular stress and added health benefits of the many natural compounds found in beets and kale like carotenoids, betaine, potassium and even pigment betacyanins, which are believed to counteract cancerous cell growth! There is no guilt in a product that is LEGAL, super good for your health, and as potent as some illegal PEDs!

Jeremiah Bishop
16X US National Team Member
Pan American Games Gold Medalist
2008 USA National Champion – Short Track Cross Country
2008 USA National Champion – Marathon Mountain Bike



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