6 Reasons You Should Start Taking a Beet Juice Powder Supplement

beet extreme beet juice powder supplemt

Superfood stories have typically focused on berries, nuts and other exotic substances from a mysterious island in the Pacific. The domestic red beet however, the same one you might have rejected as a child, has been a superfood all along. When processed as beet juice, red beets provide you with better health, more endurance, lower blood pressure, and what might be most important — more fun in the bedroom.

1. Improved Athletic Performance

Beets contains one of the highest levels of naturally occurring nitrates of any vegetable. This dietary nitrate is converted into nitric oxide in the body. The nitric oxide boosting effects of the nitrates in Beets results in more oxygen and nutrients going into your muscles and more efficient removal of metabolic waste products like lactate and ammonia that cause fatigue. The increase in physical endurance from beets can be VERY significant. In fact, in a study done at the University of Exeter in the UK, Cyclists who drank Beet Juice increased time to exhaustion by a massive 16% and were able to complete the same work with 19% less oxygen.

2. Improved Sexual Function

The same nitric oxide boosting effects that improve muscular endurance can also effect sexual function. The vasodilation caused by the increased nitric oxide also increases blood flow to the sexual organs and may results in better erections for men and a more pleasurable sexual experience for women.

3. Anti-Inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory aspect of betalains helps prevent many chronic diseases and promotes cardiovascular health. Early research indicates the betalains support nerve and eye tissue better than most other antioxidants.

4. Cancer Fighting

Among other health benefits, beet betalains can provide some cancer prevention capacity, especially against colon cancer. In vitro, lab tests have reported beet betalain suppression of human cancer cells. It has been observed that betalains provide a more varied and higher antioxidant value than most other vegetables containing beta-carotene.

5. Rich in Valuable Nutrients

In addition to the high betalain phytonutrient content, beets are very high in vitamin C, folate (a natural source of folic acid), manganese, magnesium, and potassium. These vitamins help strengthen the immune system and support general overall health.

6. Improved Detoxification

When it comes to detoxing, certain enzymes in beet betalains stimulate glutathione production and connect toxins to glutathione molecules. Then the toxins are neutralized and excreted harmlessly.


Why Beet Juice Powder Supplements are a Better Option

If you like the taste of beets and enjoy eating them, then by all means do so. The benefit of using a Beet Juice Powder Supplement is that beet juice powders are very concentrated and nutrient dense because they remove all of the water and unnecessary elements of the beet and what remains is a concentrate of all things good in beets.

When searching for a good beet juice powder supplement, it is critical to find one that is organic, non-GMO, and high in nitrates. These are the qualities that will offer the most benefits.

Just one serving a day of an organic beet juice powder and really make a difference in your life!

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