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alex-wild-0Beet juice is a hot topic in the endurance world lately, and Beet Extreme really does deliver!  I use Beet Extreme in conjunction with your other supplement ATP Extreme and was truly blown away by the results I got. I tested them on my toughest interval workout and I found my heart rate to be 5-10 beats per minute less for the same effort. In addition, I hit my max power output on my last interval, which has NEVER happened before. (Usually that happens much earlier in the workout) There is no doubt in my mind that any serious endurance athlete will benefit greatly from using Beet Extreme! *

Alex Wild
Pro MTB/XC Racer for Specialized

IRVING-HERNANDEZ-2Beet Extreme tastes great, it is super convenient to take, and I have noticed a BIG difference in my endurance. I don’t get as fatigued and I just feel great taking this product. It really has come to be one of my favorite supplements to take. The combination of Beet Extreme with your other featured product ATP Extreme is UNBEATABLE! *

Irving Hernandez
Crossfit Athlete
5-Time Crossfit Regionals Qualifier

nick-theobald-1After using Beet Extreme, I immediately began to feel less fatigued and more invigorated on my rides and in races, especially in the longer ones. And this was certainly the case when I sprinted for the win at the end of 71-mile U.S. Masters National 45-49 Road Race this year. Beet Extreme is a great product, and is now a regular part of my pre-ride regime! *

Nick Theobald
Cat 1 Cyclist
2016 Masters Nationals Road Race Champion
2012 NCNCA BAR- Best All-round Rider Champion

TIM-WINSLOW-2I started using Beet Extreme a month ago and I am very pleased with the performance gains I have felt when using the product. I prefer to use the product every morning before my first workout of the day. Especially when it is a higher intensity workout I feel more fresh in the later intervals than I do when I am not using the product – so my endurance is definitely up. Beet Extreme is the best tasting beet product I have used and would recommend it for any endurance athlete. *

Timothy Winslow
Pro Triathlete

MIKE-HERNANDEZI’ve been taking Beet Extreme for 30 days now, and as the Crossfit Games Open approaches, I’ve improved drastically on every single workout that I’ve retested. In our sport, 1-2 reps can mean 10-20 spots on the leaderboard, and also whether or not you qualify for the next stage… Regionals.  So far I have improved 8-14 reps on each of the 5 Crossfit workouts that I recently retested. There was a huge difference on my aerobic capacity during these workouts and I was able to push at a high intensity all the way through the time cap of each one. I feel more ready than ever and I will continue to take Beet Extreme for training and for competition.*

Michael Hernandez
Crossfit Athlete
2014 Socal Regionals Qualifier
2X NPGL Athlete

JUSTIN-MENDOZAI put Beet Extreme to the test with really tough swim and bike workouts and I was blown away by the results. For the swim workout, I was able to sustain the same pace and times that I normally would hit at sea level, except that I now train in Colorado. In addition, the times I was hitting were the same times I was hitting last year when I was in peak condition. For me to hit times like that at altitude this early in the season is mind blowing! On the bike, I used Beet Extreme on a 5 set interval workout of 4 minutes at 250-260 watts. What blew me away is that I was able to hit the highest avg power numbers in my 5th set. I’m really excited to see my progress this season now that I am taking Beet Extreme. I’m confident it is going to be a good year! *

Justin Mendoza
Elite Triathlete
2015 Ironman Lake Tahoe 70.3 – 2nd Place 18-24AG

derick-shodaI’ve been using Beet Extreme for about 6 months now. I started at the beginning of the Crossfit Open and noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in my recovery time after each workout. In addition, Beet Extreme gives me a lot more blood flow to my muscles during workouts which has definitely increased my endurance. At Regionals, Beet Extreme helped me get through the weekend and PR all my Regional workout times. Having used Beet Extreme and your other product ATP Extreme for two of the most important competitions of the year, it would be hard to imagine training without them!

Derick Shoda
2016 Crossfit Regionals Athlete

stefano-profumoI tested Beet Extreme on three tough workouts and I got really great results. Two were indoor in a controlled environment with my power meter and HR monitor, and the other was on a famous hill ride in my area. When on Beet Extreme, my Heart Rate was on average 5-15 beats per minute lower throughout my testing. Even more amazing was how I performed on my indoor training. Before using Beet Extreme, I literally crapped out and was not able to even finish the workout. When I took Beet Extreme, not only did I finish the workout, but I was also able to add on a series of high-intensity anaerobic intervals as well. In short, Beet Extreme gave me increased endurance, the ability to sustain hard efforts longer, and reduced heart rates and the same effort level. I will definitely be recommending this products to all my fellow cyclists! * View test data

Stefano Profumo
Cat 1 Road Bike Racer
2015 CA State Champion – Masters 35-40

jessica-griffithSince I started using Beet Extreme I have noticed a huge improvement in my lung capacity. I just feel like I’m not totally gasping for breath all the time. For the athletes at our gym, it’s not unusual for training sessions to last as long as three and a half hours. After getting on Beet Extreme, I’m able to get through these sessions feeling much easier while maintaining great intensity. I love it! *

Jessica Griffith
2015 Crossfit Games Team Athlete
2016 Crossfit Regionals Athlete

CRAIG-TANNERI have been using Beet Extreme for workouts and racing over the last 3 weeks. My first work out using the Beet extreme I was doing some climbing intervals and besides just feeling uber eager and strong I set a new personal 6 minute power effort of 385 watts besting my previous best by over 15 watts. I had the feeling during the work out that I wanted to just keep going and going. On my next structured interval work out I was doing more climbing intervals of 3 X 3 mins Zone 4 with the last minute going all out. I found my heart rate to be several beats per minute slower than usual for an effort of this intensity and my recoveries between sets were noticeably quicker. I also used Beet Extreme for several races of 50 miles in the length and again felt strong to the end after repeated attacks and sustained efforts of the front of the pack. I feel like using it gives me that little extra 3 to 5% boost when going all out and allows me to recover faster so I can do it again. I am convinced that I can train and race stronger using Beet extreme and it is now a regular part of my training and nutrition program. *

Craig Tanner
Masters Cat 4 Cyclist

CHARLOTTE-HARTI’ve tested Beet Extreme for two solid weeks and I am really impressed. Foremost, I’m not a stranger to beet use for training but have mostly relied on eating them verses concentrated powder. While solid food is key to training, there’s no comparison to the concentrate. My heart rate felt stronger and it wasn’t just a mere feeling: FTP was 8 watts higher averaged since being on the product. There was also a notable boost during VO2 Max efforts for this time of year. For me, Zone 5 encroaches into 190 BPM and last week I was able to hit that during 4 minute efforts and “comfortably” cruise at that HR at the end of the efforts. It’s really early for that level of peak HR. Normally I’m happy to be reaching 185-187 for similar efforts. I can not wait to further my use of Beet Extreme for a major block of training and for racing!*

Charlotte Hart
Pro / Cat 1&2 Cyclist

CHRIS-CAINI tested Beet Extreme in the Madera Stage Race and loved my results. In the crit, I was able to attack early on an early prime lap and get the prime. Then I held power above my FTP for six laps and held off the field for the second prime. While I would normally need a lot of recovery after going off the front in a fast crit, I was able to slot back in the top five riders and even win the final sprint. For my Time Trial, I was the second best of my age group, which was an improvement over the 5th placing from  the race a week prior. And in the 68 mi Road Race, I drank two full bottles of Beet Extreme. Going into this final stage I was wearing the leader’s jersey and had to fend off several hard attacks from my opponents. I felt comfortable during the race and was even fresh enough at the end to win the stage! On top of these great race results, I love the taste and this week in training I was able to set a peak power output for 2016 — I sprinted harder than anything this year and my 90 second power was my highest ever. Great product! *

Chris Cain
35+ Cat 1/2 Cyclist
2016 NCNCA BAR- Best All-round Rider Champion
Multiple Time Central Coast Road Series Overall Champion

JEFF-DALEI recently tested Beet Extreme in the Chico Stage Race. For Stage 1, I used Beet Extreme 90 minutes before the start. The race consists of a 5 mile gravel section which can split the field if you are not attentive and putting out consistent power. Through a tough 24 minute section of the race I average 300 watts with an average HR of 157 BPM. Those are GREAT numbers for me! My legs felt fine the entire time and I never felt any fatigue settling in. I was VERY happy with the energy levels and sustained power. I was able to stay with the breakaway group and placed 6th. After these results, I was sold! *

Jeff Dale
Cat 3 Cyclist

JOSH-BEVARSBeet Extreme has become a “Go To” supplement for my pre workout. I am a Masters athlete in the sport of crossfit. Since taking Beet Extreme, I’ve noticed that I am able to stay just under my red line for a longer period of time and my breathing stays more in control. My recovery time is also reduced. I have combined Beet Extreme with your other product, ATP Extreme, and have been amazed with the results! *

Josh Bevars
Elite Crossfit Masters Athlete

pete-schoenenbergerThe first time I tried Beet Extreme was on a day where I had 2 Circuit races scheduled. I went ahead and drank 8-10 oz of the mix before my first race. WOW! No cramping, I felt strong and finished in 1st place. For the second race I drank it once again and found myself off the front on a 1 hr Circuit race. I did have teammates that helped but I still stayed out in front for the whole race and did all my own work. Basically a 1hr TT. I got 1st again which was not expected considering it was the 2nd race of the day!! One week later I got 3rd place in a 45mile Road Race. The next day 2nd in a 45 minute Crit. What I am most impressed with is that in addition to my increased performance, I’m not cramping any longer and I am recovering much faster than ever before. Four podiums in the last 4 races! I am now the self proclaimed poster child for Beet Extreme! *

Pete Shoenenberger
Cat 4 Cyclist

SOPHIE-BARBIERThe first thing I noticed while on the Beet Extreme was my endurance. During my races I felt more energized, my legs never got tired (2 hr races), I was able to keep up my leg speed, and I seemed to recover quicker after short hard efforts. I also felt more alert. I wasn’t sure if it was the Beet Extreme or my training, so I did a couple of trainer sessions without it, and although I did seem to recover quickly, I also tired out after sets of 4 intervals. When I got back on the Beet Extreme, I did 5 intervals, and then did 6 the next time. I may have been able to do more, but didn’t want to mess up my training schedule. I wasn’t flat out tired though, so I’m guessing I could have done one more! So, all told, my muscular endurance definitely improved, as did my average race speed! *

Sophie Barbier
Cat 2 Cyclist

connor-houtchens I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT improvement in my fitness since I started using Beet Extreme. I can push through tough climbs harder and I can keep the pace up through long endurance rides even at high altitude. It also helps me to recover faster so I can get back to training at the highest level possible. Beet Extreme is hands down the most convenient method of consuming enough beets to attain the vasodilation benefits needed to improve performance. Plus, it’s much easier than juicing and tastes great. I also appreciate that all of the ingredients used are all-natural or produced via a natural process and the the product is Certified to be free of any banned substances. I absolutely recommend Beet Extreme to anyone who is looking to take their performance to the next level! *

Connor Houtchens
Elite CC Mtn Bike Racer

jason-cruserI found Beet Extreme to be a great product backed by science with real results. Since being on it, I feel stronger, my power numbers are up, and I had my best Circuit Race finish in 3 years! It doesn’t matter if you’re competing at a high level or just wanting the extra edge for your weekend Fondo, I would recommend Beet Extreme to any endurance athlete. I love the taste and the results are real.*

Jason Cruser
Cat 1/2/3 Masters Cyclist

ERIC-LEHMANI tested Beet Extreme over a week of training. During that time, I felt like my energy levels were noticeably higher, especially at high-end outputs, I set a PR on a 4 mile stretch that we ride as a team, and I was able to bridge to a teammate who later said he was pushing 600 watts. I also used it in a race on a very hilly course and finished much better than expected. So far I’m loving your product and am looking forward to see how it helps my performance as I move from my late base period of training into my build phase.  *

Eric Lehman
Masters Cat 4 Cyclist

KELLY-NICOLAS-1After being on your other product ATP Extreme for about 2 months and getting amazing results, I added in Beet Extreme and got even BETTER results!… I recover even faster between workouts, and my stamina has greatly improved. I incorporate both products into my daily training regiment now and am really excited to see how much better I perform in this year’s Crossfit Open! *

Kelly Nicolas
2015 Crossfit Games Team Competitor

JAMES-RUFFUNI tested Beet Extreme on a 90 min session which included 2 x 30 Threshold efforts. In most cases I feel it mid-way through the second interval and have to dig really deep to stay in the power to the finish. With Beet Extreme, I pushed through no problem and even had a final kick! Needless to say, I’m really liking my results! *

James Ruffin
Cat 3/4 Cyclist