Can Beet Juice Improve Male Sexual Function?


Beets may not be the newest superfood on the block, but mounting research shows why you should take another look at this vegetable in juiced form. The frothy red drink might have just what you need for a better, more exciting sex life!

Improves Sexual Function

It’s no secret that a healthy and robust sex life is a major contributor to staying young, feeling healthy and confident. Unfortunately many men experience a reduction in sexual performance for varying health-related issues, or accept it as a fact of life as they grow older. But it doesn’t have to be that way!… Beet juice has been proven to enhance male sexual function — there’s no doubt about it!

Increases Blood Flow

Contemporary sexual enhancement medications are expensive, and not an option for some men. Viagra, Cialis and other erectile-dysfunction drugs work as vasodilators to open up blood vessels, allowing for greater blood flow to the genitals. Beet juice does exactly the same thing. Beets are high in nitrates which increase nitric oxide levels in the body, resulting in vasodilation. Vasodilation, in turn, allows for increased blood flow to the penis which helps improve male sexual function. (One recent study found that drinking beet juice increased blood flow by almost 40 percent.)

Modern Lifestyle

Sexual issues are never easy to bring up with doctors or partners. Misconceptions and taboos surrounding sex often lead ordinary people and medical professionals to chalk sexual issues up to psychological problems. Modern lifestyle is often blamed for poor sexual performance, such as eating an unhealthy diet, not getting enough exercise, smoking and alcohol consumption. But sexual health in men is often directly related to the quantity of blood flowing to the penis.

beet-smoothie1Support Healthy Testosterone Levels

Beet consumption to enhance sex is not new. The ancient Romans used beets as an aphrodisiac, and consumed beets before a big battle – and there is scientific basis to back this up. What stimulated the senses in Roman times is still working today. Beets contain a lot of boron, which can increase levels of testosterone. Boron is the mineral that stimulates the production of sexual hormones. It helps the body metabolize and use estrogen in women, and increases testosterone levels in men.

Other Potential Health Benefits of Beet Juice:

Why Choose a Beet Juice Supplement over Prescribed Options?

If you are looking for a safe, natural way to boost male sexual performance beet juice or beet juice supplements are worth a shot!

  • A Beet Juice Supplement is MUCH cheaper than prescribed options (Costing as low as $1.60 per dose).
  • A Beet Juice Supplement is actually very healthy for you – in fact, it’s great to use every day as part of your health improvement regimen.
  • Prescribed options come with many potential side effects that many men simply cannot risk.
  • You don’t need to have that embarrassing conversation with your doctor to ask for presciption.


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