I’ve raced with and performed my hardest workouts (5x5 minutes and 4x20 minutes) using Beet Extreme. I’d heard good things about beet products, but as an aging athlete tend to approach new products and change cautiously. The amazing news, Beet Extreme just plain works! In this past three week training block I’ve recorded my best ever 5 min intervals, and my 20 min intervals have improved by 4-5% (power based results.) Better, the last 20 minute interval is as powerful as the first, and they’re all negative splits to boot, another first. In all cases, my improved performances were achieved at the same heart rates, so no additional cardiovascular stress was required. To be absolutely positive, the skeptic in me ensured I repeated every workout twice using Beet Extreme – same results. Now I’m almost afraid to train or race without it !

Patrick Hampton
Cat 1 Masters Cyclist

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