I began using Beet Extreme about 4 months ago. I felt the science behind the product was valid, so wanted to try it out. As with all supplements, I believe there is a bit of a “placebo effect” initially so wanted to let some time pass and look back on training data from similar portions of prior training years to really see if the product was providing me with a tangible benefit. After analyzing training files, my Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and how I feel overall, Beet Extreme gets a resounding thumbs up!

Compared to this time during previous training years, I have increased my overall fitness ramp (CTL) over 10 points, improved my readiness for further training as evidenced by improved HRV trends, and I feel a lot less fatigued during and between training sessions on the bike.

In particular, my ability to work at 75-85% of my functional threshold power has improved, most notably beyond the 2 hr point during training sessions. This is a significant benefit to building the aerobic engine which is the fundamental purpose of this phase of base training!

I have been most impressed with the quality of the product and feel confident when combined with hard work and dedication will result in as great 2017 on the bike!

Mark Jellous
Category 1 Cyclist
USA Cycling Certified Coach


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