I first started taking Beet Extreme because I got such amazing gains from your other product ATP Extreme. I started taking Beet Extreme about a month or two before the 2016 Crossfit Open and it was a crucial piece to making my run to the West Regionals. Beet Extreme increased my endurance to a whole other level than I expected. I already knew the effects that supplementing beet had on performance so I was glad to hear that the same company that made ATP Extreme decided to get into the “beet game”. When I went to the 2016 West Regionals, the first thing I packed in my bag was Beet Extreme. I would take one serving right when I got up and another half way through competition day. If you’re looking for a supplement to enhance your cardiovascular and aerobic endurance, this is your best bet. I wouldn’t begin a workout without it!

Teanu Rickard
2016 Crossfit Regionals Athlete

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