Fort Ord Circuit Race Champion explains how Beet Extreme helped power him to Victory!

As an endurance athlete in cycling, I have always been a fan of drinking natural beet juice, as it seems to work well with my physiology, increasing stamina through the ergogenic properties in beets. The challenge is that I need to drink a lot of juice to feel these benefits, and juicing beets all the time is very inconvenient and virtually impossible when travelling. Since partnering with BEET Extreme, I’ve been able to get the significant oxygen benefits of beets without drinking a ton of liquid. The BEET Extreme formula is highly concentrated and consistent, which gives my muscles noticeable strength late into races, which helped me to win the CCCX Fort Ord Circuit race!

Thank you BEET Extreme for the support! Our race team loves your products!

Chris Ott
Peet’s Coffee Racing Team (Masters)
2016 Fort Ord Circuit Race Champion

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