Beet Extreme is an all-natural performance enhancing supplement formulated specifically to improve aerobic endurance. The main active ingredient is a Certified Organic, Non-GMO beet and kale juice powder blend, which is guaranteed to contain extremely high in nitrate levels – the key component needed to boost Nitric Oxide levels in the body, resulting in the vasodilation levels necessary for maximal oxygen and nutrient deliver to your working muscles.

Here’s a list of benefits you can expect from Beet Extreme:

⇒ Increased Aerobic Endurance

⇒ Slower Rate of Fatigue

⇒ Faster Recovery Times

⇒ Reduced Inflammation

⇒ Improved Mitochondrial Efficiency

⇒ Improved Blood Iron Levels

⇒ Reduced Cardiovascular Stress

⇒ Improved Muscle Alkalinity 

Beet Extreme is the only Beet Juice Powder supplement available that GUARANTEES 20,000 ppm of nitrates!

This guarantees that you will get the same great results with Beet Extreme bottle after bottle after bottle!

Don't be fooled by other company's claims as to how many actual beets are in each serving. That is a meaningless claim when it comes to improving performance. As with all fruits and vegetables, nutrient values may vary greatly from crop to crop, so the amount of nitrates per beet will vary greatly as well. The most important factor when it comes to finding an effective beet product is how much nitrate are you getting with each dose. 

Vegan Friendly

Paleo Friendly


Made in the USA at an NSF GMP Facility