I tested Beet Extreme on three tough workouts and I got really great results. Two were indoor in a controlled environment with my power meter and HR monitor, and the other was on a famous hill ride in my area. When on Beet Extreme, my Heart Rate was on average 5-15 beats per minute lower throughout my testing. Even more amazing was how I performed on my indoor training. Before using Beet Extreme, I literally crapped out and was not able to even finish the workout. When I took Beet Extreme, not only did I finish the workout, but I was also able to add on a series of high-intensity anaerobic intervals as well. In short, Beet Extreme gave me increased endurance, the ability to sustain hard efforts longer, and reduced heart rates and the same effort level. I will definitely be recommending this products to all my fellow cyclists! *

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Stefano Profumo
Cat 1 Road Bike Racer
2015 CA State Champion – Masters 35-40

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